This site has expired. In case you have enjoyed or you have found some of my articles on Along The Line useful, you can follow its successor https://quaintplanet.com/

This site suppose to be about travelling, life and culture. Content-wise, it’s a set of thoughts, observations and tips about life, travel and culture, served in rather informal way, occasionally spiced with humour, sarcasm and other various herbs 🎛 The goal here is to create and gather a variety of interesting, helpful as well as funny articles, mainly from the perspective of a 30+ years old independent traveller or just a curious reader who likes the way those subjects are presented here.

Why 30 plus? Most of the travel sites I’ve visited appear to be targeting either younger or wealthier audiences and both of these come with different preferences of what one wants, respectively can afford to experience during their time off. Age is however just a number and within the concept of this site, the 30+ number means something like “the middle ground” between those two groups.

In practical terms, it for example means picking a better wine of the menu in the local restaurant or preferring a basic private accomodation as opposed to drinking the cheapest booze, sleeping in dormitories and cooking in the hostels’ kitchens, respectively doing all that in 5 star hotels.

So if you like to explore places as well as various things in life from somewhat unique perspective, as opposed through the limits of various travel agencies, respective from certain restraints of the profit-based media, you might find this site suitable as well as (I hope) interesting source of information.

ℹ FYI, this site will be moving on fringes of a classic backpacker “party hostel” experience because I believe that one doesn’t have to cross 1/2 of the planet to end up having their local pub kind of fun. This is not to judge anyone, neither it is to say that such way of travelling so is bad or boring. On the contrary, I do like my local pub a lot, it’s just when travelling, I prefer getting to know the local culture and other things instead 😉

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Site’s Menu:

🌎 LOCATIONS category will be summing up all the research I had to do for what I was up to in combination with experiencing its results in the actual destinations. I hope that someone will find this section useful for their travels, mainly a first timer could use some info off those texts. I will be happy to provide any additional information about places I’ve been to if you will have any questions.*

LIFE category will be, I hope spicier and funnier as well as more personal because it aims to be about life itself. You know, we all occasionally suffer from observations, interesting ideas and the ‘right here right now’ things in general.

🎬 CULTURE category’s description is rather self-explanatory – but except the articles about culture, music and literature – it will be bringing you links to interesting articles and news from around the known Universe as well as recipes, movie recommendations, etc…

ℹ Please note that I also offer a service to create your own personalized itinerary for your upcoming trip, in case you were a bit of an adventurous person/people without having much time, taste or certain knowledge to do it yourself. We would however have to make sure to be on the same page in order to avoid any misunderstandings 😉 So far everyone was very satisfied with my advises 🙂

Laguna de Las Tres, Argentina

*FYI, this site doesn’t aim to be your alternative guide to one of the major tourist guides. I’d say that it’s more like an additional information about various places you might contemplate to visit. Everyone checks various major guides and while their resources allow them to provide a lot of useful information but they are often written for wide audiences, where the segment you belong to might not be given efficient space.

The wide audience approach of certain major guides furthermore makes them a bit tasteless so you’re often left clueless about the actual vibes the described locations come with. Plus it’s always good to get your information from multiple sources 😉 So this site is here to offer you a slightly different, or let’s say less formal angle describing various locations, in addition to the facts you’ve gathered in your major tourist guide.


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"Life is just a ride" - Bill Hicks

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