Is Machu Picchu overrated?

Machu Picchu. The first image that crosses ones mind when the words Peru or Inca are pronounced. Is it really that impressive?

Patagonia in 3 weeks

Heading to Patagonia with only 3 weeks to see it all? This piece is here to help you decide what itinerary to pick. The highlights as well as some less frequently visited places are involved.

Carretera Austral

Chile’s Ruta 7, formerly known as Carretera Longitudinal Austral Presidente Pinochet is a 1240km long partially paved highway famous for its stunning views of glaciers, lakes, fjords, steep mountains and forests. From its south end, it starts at Villa O’Higgins and ends in Puerto Montt.

Catedral de Marmol AKA Marble Caves 2019

This piece is about visiting Marble Caves near by Puerto Rio Tranquillo as well as getting therefrom El Chaltén through Los Antiguos, Argentina.

Torres del Paine vs. Los Glaciares National Park (El Chaltén)

On my travels through the Patagonian mountains, I’ve heard many people comparing these two parks. Eventhough I find the comparison rather pointless, I decided to give it a go.

Tierra Del Fuego

It all starts with the crossing the Strait of Magellan, a term that holds the appropriate volume of the adventure one has during the ferry journey.